About CEDC

The Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc. (CEDC) was founded in May of 1997 as a Community Development Corporation in the City of New Bedford. CDC’s are vital building blocks for community revitalization through innovative community-based economic development programs and affordable housing targeted to low and moderate income members of local communities. CEDC is no exception, as our efforts have served thousands of area residents left out of the economic mainstream.

Our core strength as an organization is our ability to create dynamic partnerships
to help achieve our goal of “building bridges to a more just local economy”.

A nine-member board of directors, who represent the economic, racial, and cultural diversity of New Bedford, governs the CEDC.  The primary communities served by CEDC are the low and moderate income people of Greater New Bedford. This includes people who speak English, Portuguese and Spanish; many are immigrants, working poor families and community-based entrepreneurs.