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Action to the Ave

Mass Smart Growth Alliance Ina Anderson laying down the basics of a Great Neighborhood.

CEDC_Corinn speaking2

Corinn Williams Executive Director welcomes the crowd to the first great neighborhoods meeting that helps to decide how we will move forward to create a more vibrant Acushnet Ave.

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Great Neighborhoods are found in many of the home countries that new immigrants are arriving from why not replicate what worked there in New Bedford.


Cristoph Demers and Sonny Eddleson talking time exchange at the CEDC Open House.


CEDC Board Members enjoying the great pot luck at the CEDC open house (left to right Andrea Galipeau, Deirdre Healy, and Brooke Baptiste)


Brian Pastori trains 45 University of Massachusetts student how to prepare taxes for the CEDC's VITA program.


Brian Pastori VITA Coordinator and Mario Simms VITA intern working on tax returns. CEDC processed the over 1500 returns filed at the CEDC in 2014.


CEDC participates with the Mel King Institute workshop on Community Organizing

CEDC_Corinn speaking

The CEDC led New Bedford EITC coalition kicks off the 2013 tax season with Mayor Mitchell of New Bedford. (From left to right Bruce Morell PACE, Mayor John Mitchell, Corinn Williams CEDC, Holly Longily (IRS)


Corinn getting her hands dirty, as part of the a CEDC beautification project to plant flowers in empty flower boxes on Acushnet Ave


The CEDC Staff and Volunteers come together to plant all 32 Flower Boxes on the Avenue with new flowers to help beautify the street.


Former AmeriCorps VISTA turned Attorney Jennifer Velarde honored for her great work at the CEDC as a SouthCoast volunteer superstar. Left to Right (Brian Pastori, Jennifer Velarde, Corinn Williams)

corinn–siggy_lenny zakim Fund

Corinn Williams and Siggy Meilus of the CEDC accept our grant award from the Lenny Zaikim Fund to help continue to move a social justice agenda in Southeastern Massachusetts.