Bus Riders UnitedBus Riders United (BRU)

CEDC is a founding member of Bus Riders United (BRU).  BRU is an organization of bus riders, community organizations, and labor groups, who advocate for better public transportation. CEDC supports the work of a transit organizer who coordinates the coalition and builds the bus rider membership base. BRU began its work two years ago to organize around the lack of bus service after 6:00 P.M., holiday bus service, and Sunday service. Lack of public transportation limits low income and working families’ access to jobs, English classes, medical appointments and overall quality of life to thousands of people who could be riding the bus if service were expanded.

BRU was successful in 2013 in expanding bus service at night and securing free bus transfers. BRU continues to call for transparency within the Regional Transit Authority and is the voice of bus riders to ensure they are not ignored in the decision-making process.