Immigrant Support Network

For over a decade, CEDC has become an established and trusted support center for New Bedford’s newest immigrant community who are primarily from Central America. Because there are few places where these newcomers have been able to turn, CEDC has been on the  front lines working with individuals and families on a daily basis to seek information, resources and support.  The time spent in uncovering and linking immigrants to very limited resources grounds us in the reality faced by immigrants in our community who are challenged by incredible barriers and unprecedented challenges in the current economic and political climate.

We provide support in many different areas including:

  • Basic translation and applications
  • Where to join English class
  • How to use public transportation
  • Workplace issues such as unsafe conditions, discrimination, lack of payment or injury
  • What to do if you are a victim of violent crime
  • How to find legal assistance on immigration issues

In addition, CEDC holds English for Speakers of Other Language classes and also works with volunteer tutors who provide basic literacy support.